A'tasri Zak'geir

A young, sandy-haired seeress with a wisdom beyond her years.

Ta-Da, here's the cat!

RaceGyr Abanian, Seeker of the Sun
Height5' 6"
Nameday14th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon
TradeSeer, Ritualist
AlignmentLawful Neutral
LanguagesEorzean, Hingan
Hobbies/SkillsNatural magics, augury, reading running, swimming
FaithAlthyk, Azeyma, Nymeia and reveres the Kami


Ala Mhigan catgirl mildly disappoints her chad huntress mother by being a weaboo, so she leaves home rather amicably to go be a witch.

The broad strokes, I ain't gonna make someone suffer through a full bio!

Firstborn and daughter of a refugee. Tasri is the oldest of five sisters, born to a mother of the Antelope tribe while her father is of the Drake. Her ancestors hail from both the Sagolii and Gyr Abania both, with stronger ties to the latter.Mother is a huntress and was able to provide ample food for her family with relative ease, sparing them much of the harshness of growing up in Ul'dah with little in the way of wealth.Father is a kind hearted Tia with a scholarly streak, he's often gone for moons at a time on archaeological digs.Her interests lay elsewhere, though. In spite of her mother's best attempts, Tasri was never keen on learning the huntresses trade. She knows only the basics of wilderness survival and tracking.The Echo. In the moons preceding Dalamud's fall, when Tasri was a little girl. She saw a shower of stars in the night sky and had her first vision. Ever since, she has experienced the memories of people and places, which is rarely a pleasant experience. It is a gift she will deny having to all but the most trusted of company.Mentor from the Far East. In her adolescence, Tasri connected with a healer hailing from Sui-No-Sato. She was enamored by this woman and wanted to learn everything he could about her homeland, culture and magic.The pursuit of natural magic. Tasri learned the basics of aether control and Conjury in Stillglade Fane, discovering she has an aptitude for manipulating wind and earth. As well as other spells of divination, augury and rituals.To this day. She left Stillglade Fane to travel with her mentor, where the two help people where they can. Whether it's wandering through to ply their healing magics, or cleanse places dense with corrupted aether.

At a glance, she's a statuesque young Seeker of the Sun with mismatched eyes of amber and gold.Conditioned, body and mind. Her mentor has long since drilled it into her head to tend the mind, body and spirit. As such, she favors long stints of running and swimming before meditation.Her personality, a kindly and inquisitive young woman. Trying her best to put on a strong and mature front in spite of her inexperience. She can't help but show a somewhat excitable side in familiar company.Not the type to look for a fight, or even spar. But when push comes to shove, she shoves back with the weight of the land and shifts the winds to veil herself and strike. A close to mid-range fighter when pressed, unlike her former peers of the Fane.

Some hooks!

  • The Echo - A gift and a curse for those who possess it, this young woman has been burdened with strange visions since she was a little girl.*

  • Augury and divination - Do you seek counsel or a lost object? She might be able to set you on the path. Though her answers will not always be so clear, even to her.

  • Channeler by trade - She can manipulate aether for a number of different purposes, be it for purifying corrupted places, banishment of abberations or rituals for specific purposes.

  • New to all of this - While she's decently trained in her arts, she's young and inexperienced in the ways of the world. She's eager to make friends and meet new comrades.

  • Seekers of The Sun - There's plenty of shared culture between Tasri and her disparate cousins of the sun, even if she's a generation apart from being fully tribal.

  • Anything else you can think of! - Just send me a tell if you have an idea or angle for interaction, I'm friendly, I swear!

* Disclaimer about her having the echo. This isn't some card to be whipped out in public with strangers and unfamiliar company. It will not feature in a plot or scene without express permission from all participants involved.


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